Q: I love to play, but I am not very good, and I don’t want to embarass myself. Will people make fun of me?
A: Well people are people, and we can’t control all of them, but Open Mic is about having fun and being able to
get up and experience what it is like to be a performing musician. Most of the crowds that we’ve seen just enjoy hearing live music, and are very encouraging to all players.

Q: I am a professional, does this mean I am not allowed?
A: Of course not! Have the night off and want to practice some new songs? thats great. The more players we get, the better!

Q: Do I have to pay to be able to sing?
A: No way. Of course you are allowed to tip your host, but you don’t have to. Open Mic is exactly what it sounds like, a chance for everyday musicians to get up and play in front of an audience.

Q: How many songs will I get to play?
A: The amount of time each person will get is dependant on how many players we have on a given night. We try to give everyone at least 3 songs. The fewer players, the more time you can have, but that will typically be at the hosts discretion.

Q: Can I bring my full band to perform?
A: Typically we try to stay away from having bands. Setting up the equipment can be timely and take away from our other participants. Exceptions can be made depending on the amount of equipment, size of setup, etc. Please call the venue in advance to check.

Q: I don’t play an instrument, but I sing and need accompaniament. How do I find someone?
A: If you don’t know anyone who can play for you, ask our host or any of our musicians. Many of them are very talented and play a wide variety of songs. If you can’t find anyone to do the songs you want to sing, its very possible one of them may learn it for you. In any event, all you have to do is ask.

Q: Can I bring a CD or MP3 to sing to?
A: You can, but you will need to bring a cd or mp3 player, and cabling so that the host can plug your mp3 or cd player into his soundsystem.

Q: I am not a musician, but can I show off my other talents?
A: We have had people read poetry, jugglers, all sorts of stuff. We try to keep it to a minimum because the main reason people are there is music, but we are open minded. Simply ask your host when you arrive and he will tell you if we can accomodate your talent.

Q: I own a bar, but I don’t have a soundsystem. Can you still work here?
A: Of course. Our hosts will have their own PA system and everything they need to perform. You will never have
to worry about anything. We take care of it all!