Open Mic Vegas is dedicated to the local Las Vegas live music scene. We create, network, schedule and provide marketing for Open Mic Nights – venues where everyday musicians can perform!

We started back in 2010 because we saw what we perceived to be a lack in live entertainment, and the lack of well promoted Open Mic Nights in the Las Vegas valley. We knew they were out there, we just couldn’t find them.

Ever since its inception, Open Mic Vegas has been cultivating relationships with hundreds of musicians and music lovers. We now have a dedicated group of followers that support us at most of our shows.

Open Mic Nights are a vital part of the live entertainment network. If you ask any musician, most of us got our start playing at Open Mic Nights. It’s where we all learned how to get comfortable performing on stage in¬†front of a crowd; where we practiced new songs; or where we went to find other musicians to ¬†learn from, or play with.

We want our Open Mic’s to be different. We want ALL of our musicians and artists to feel comfortable performing, regardless of talent level. We want all of our patrons to be supportive and encouraging. We try to give back to all of our performers through our S.L.A.M. Jar, a tip jar that gets split between all the performers at the end of every Open Mic.

You will not find a more professional, or a more fun Open Mic network.